Review And Advisement

There are times when clients do not need an attorney to conduct an entire matter and may need advise on a single issue or perhaps a few issues.

Mediation - They may require assistance in understanding their rights during negotiations conducted by another mediator. They may wish to review the agreement reached or terms of a settlement. The client may want to discuss the process of the mediation and whether there is a good fit between themselves, their spouse and/or the mediator. It may be that a client wants additional options for settlement than those that are being discussed.

If any of the terms, issues, process or settlement need clarification and further discussion, a consultation is inexpensive and may prevent mistakes or poor decisions from being made. Generally, if a written document is to be reviewed, such as a marital settlement agreement or pre-marital agreement it is recommended that a copy of the document be sent in advance of your meeting so that it can be properly reviewed. After a consultation, if requested, a letter can be prepared and sent to the mediator that outlines concerns raised in review.

Negotiations With Their Spouse - Perhaps, a person may be in agreement with their spouse on most issues and may only need to discuss a single aspect of their settlement with an attorney. Or a client may be represented by an attorney in negotiation or trial and may need a second opinion.

Consultation is always possible prior to hearings or before signing any stipulation or agreement. The great majority of rights may be waived by an adult in an agreement or a court proceeding. However, a knowing waiver, that is, one with knowledge of the options and consequences is always advised.