Litigation can be costly and psychologically harmful to the families involved. The process of going to court can force partners who've lived together and shared their lives to become adversaries. Court battles are expensive, and the participants often squander their precious resources at a time when circumstances clearly indicate a need to conserve.

Yet, there are times when formal court intervention is necessary due to the participants and/or the issuers involved. First, there are some parties who cannot or will not voluntarily participate in the process of getting separated or divorced. The familiar, "I'm not doin' it until the judge makes me!" Next, there are the "unreasonable" spouses who will take unrealistic positions. Often they may have engaged uninformed counsel who foster exaggerated expectations. Creditor difficulties, particularly tax agencies present another situation which may require careful court scrutiny Custody arrangements may not be subject to easy resolution and may necessitate court supervision.

When it is advisable to use a more formal approach, my representation will be active, direct and effective. I will work actively and positively with opposing counsel to reach an out of court settlement. Whenever possible, my goal will be to contain costs and to reduce the adversarial experience of settlement.