Prenuptial Planning Agreements and Cotenancy Agreements

Anticipating living together, whether as spouses or partners, is one of the most joyous moments in life. Being able to share your days, to wake up next to someone who makes the world more complete, and to find romance in the most common happenings is a rare experience.

Faced with the myriad chores of moving in together, often compounded by the complex details of planning an upcoming wedding, who would want to think about a prenuptial agreement? What could be more abrasive than meeting with attorneys who may "trample on" the relationship while attempting to "protect" their clients? Even the suggestion of such an agreement may be met with suspicion or engender doubts about the other party's intended motives or their commitment to the relationship.

My approach is to assist my clients in dealing with potentially sensitive issues. Drawing from my background in law and psychology, I encourage couples to discuss their objectives and anxieties in a safe environment and help them to develop strategies for successly achieving their goals through greater mutual understanding.